We took a look at Google Trends to get a feel for what the nation is searching for when it comes to real estate in the state of Maine. We wanted to know what the last 30 days of Google searches revealed when it came to what cities and towns out-of-staters and in-staters alike may be looking for a new place to live.

Since the pandemic has started, many places throughout Maine are seeing seller's markets with homes being bought within a week being on the market. We are also seeing prices soar to much higher prices than market values in 2019, prior to the pandemic.

A portion of this surge in bought-up inventory at price points well beyond the affordability of most Mainers living in the state is credited to an influx of 'people from away' resettling to become a part of the Mainer lifestyle, a simpler, more affordable lifestyle.

Here's what we found in our results, starting with the most searched city or town in Maine when it came to real estate by the nation's google searches.

  1. Bangor
  2. Portland
  3. Old Orchard Beach
  4. Brewer
  5. Auburn
  6. Ellsworth
  7. Lewiston
  8. Oxford
  9. Camden
  10. Augusta
  11. Westbrook
  12. Hampden
  13. Rockland
  14. Orono
  15. Freeport

Here's what that looks like on the state of Maine map:

As you can note, the most northern towns that count as the top towns/cities in Maine that the nation is considering searching for real estate in most often includes the Penobscot towns and cities of Hampden, Bangor, Orono, and Brewer. People are also looking on the mid-coast and Downeast as seen by the searches for Camden, Rockland and up into Hancock County with Ellsworth. Central Maine had a few hits with Auburn and Augusta. Oxford is the only Western Maine town while Portland, Freeport, Old Orchard Beach and Westbrook round out the Southern towns and cities most searched for nationwide real estate searches on Google.

Maybe this month's results will be an indicator of where we can see the most movement and highest costs for the coming month, seeing as though people from away are doing searches. We'll have to wait and see.

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