Rock on, Virginia!

Most days it can be a struggle for all us to get up early in the morning and go through the grind of a work week, but imagine doing exactly what you love to do, well beyond the point you could have retired and just kicked back and enjoyed life? And, imagine having done the same job since you were 8 years old!

The ageless Virginia Oliver, is known as Maine’s Lobster Woman. She is an astounding 102 years of age and shows no signs of slowing down, and has no plans to stop. And based on how much she enjoys her job, who could blame her.

You can bet that she was a big hit for the massive crowds at the recent Maine Lobster Festival, in her hometown of Rockland.

She continues to work three days a week, from May through November, out on Penobscot Bay. Virginia keeps in the family, working alongside her son, who himself is 79 years old.

This past weekend, she was profiled by reporter Kathy Park, in a segment that was featured on NBC’s Today Show

Ginny, as she is known to her many friends, has also been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, and News Center Maine

There is also a children’s book, now available in Paperback, called “The Lobster Lady: Maine's 102-year-old Legend” It is available to order on Amazon

Virginia, you a truly an inspiration. Keep on doing your thing!

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