Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart was in a major car accident over Labor Day Weekend, and is now recovering after having back surgery. Which means he's going to be out of commission for a bit. But not to worry; he's got a good friend pinch-hitting for him; a friend who was willing to cut his honeymoon short to sub in for his pal, in a pretty big way.

You see, Kevin Hart was scheduled to be the very first guest on pop's sweetheart, Kelly Clarkson's brand new talk show. For obvious reasons he couldn't make it, so his Jumanji co-star, and Behemoth Bosom Buddy, Dwaye "The Rock" Johnson, showed up in Hart's stead. Johnson, who is not a stranger to television shows (from way back when) and was recently married and celebrating on his honeymoon, heard about Hart's dilemma and offered up his services.

As you can see from the clip from The Kelly Clarkson show, both the audience and Clarkson pretty much lose their minds for The Rock when he comes out. The show is set to debut this coming Monday (September 9th) right before The Ellen Show on NBC.


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