The following post contains SPOILERS for The Batman.

Just like director Matt Reeves promised, Paul Dano’s portrayal of The Riddler in The Batman is unlike anything we’ve seen before. As his name suggests, he loves a cryptic clue or two, but his method of delivery shifts throughout the movie. He starts by sending Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne a series of tastefully selected greeting cards, then moves his riddles onto a Web 1.0 styled website titled

As it turns out, you can visit the Riddler’s homemade website in real life. The rudimentary webpage will ask you if you'd like to play a game, then presents you with a series riddles. We won’t disclose the answers here, since part of the fun is figuring out the brain teaser yourself. But here are some examples of the challenges you could encounter:

  • “Fear he who hides behind one.”
  • “I am first a fraud or a trick. Or perhaps a blend of the two. That’s up to your misinterpretation.”
  • “What was new, is new again. Rebirth. Restoration. Reformation.”

Upon solving all of the riddles correctly, you’ll be given a download link that requires one more password. If you can figure it out, you can view a short video titled “Thomas Wayne Lies.” Revisit the website one more time, and you’ll be asked one more question: “Do you think Thomas Wayne is a great man?” Regardless of how you feel about Batman’s late father, you’ll receive the same tidbit as a final reward — an image containing some sort of cipher. Now, good luck trying to figure that one out.

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