There are those across America that live the life of "champagne wishes and caviar dreams." According to Forbes, the Pine Tree State has her richest also.

Forbes Magazine recently came out with each states' richest people and Maine was highlighted as well.

Bill and Susan Alfond of Maine inherited their money from their father, Harold Alfond, who started out a factory worker with no college education.

However, Mr. Alfond was keen enough to buy a shoe store factory, called Norrwock Shoe Company and sold it for $1 million dollars in 1944.

About 14 years later, he seized another opportunity, when he bought a mill in Dexter, Maine and transformed it into what was known as Dexter Shoe Company.

Through the years, Mr. Dexter made a lot of money selling shoes and boots and eventually caught the eye of Warren Buffet. In 1993, Mr. Alfond sold the shoe company to Berkshire Hathaway.

Mr. Alfond passed away in 2007, but not before spending much of his time and money on schools, universities, and hospitals across Maine.

Susan and Bill Alfond are two of four kids who share their father's fortune in the tune of 1.2 billion dollars, thus making them the richest people in Maine.

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