Best known as "The Wave," this is one of Bangor's oldest bars. Even after its recent upgrades and renovations the local favorite is still the 'Best Dive Bar' in Bangor.

The Maine Eater website have compiled a list of Maine's favorite dive bars, you know, those places that are more or less "locals only." They hit the nail on the head naming Bangor's favorite.

In order to be a dive bar, according to The Maine Eater, you must have all or some of the following; "dim lighting, cheap beer, strong mixed drinks, entertainment like pool tables, darts, and a jukebox. You can usually expect an entrance obscured by a cloud of smoke, plus colorful characters on both sides of the bar."

This pretty much describes The Wave spot on!

Locals love this bar because it has been around forever with free pool, and great happy hour specials. With the recent updates the place has been brought back to life with a new patio area as well.

I think the thing that makes The Wave considered a dive bar is the fact that the bar is literally underground. The term 'dive bar' originated from early bars called 'Drinking Dens' which were often housed in cellars or underground.

Other Maine bars to make the "Best Dive Bar" list are:

  • Myrtle St. Tavern, Rockland
  • Time Out Pub, Rockland
  • Bowen's Tavern, Belfast
  • Dugout Bar and Grill, Farmington
  • Mathew's, Portland