Today is the last day to grab a delicious Maine Lobster Roll!

Don't worry Bangor, they will be back next Spring!

I can't lie, I have a fairly huge obsession with food trucks. I really freak out when there are multiple trucks in one space at the same time, so it goes without saying that I have spent more than a few days on the Bangor Waterfront, grabbing lunch.

There are amazing food trucks all over the area, but it is getting colder, so soon, we will all have to wait till next year to enjoy them again.

The Lobstah Buoy, located at 268 Odlin Road in Bangor, right across from The Bangor Grande Hotel, is about to shut it down for 2023, wrapping up its 7th season in that location.

I drive 395 home each and every day after work, and always pass by this amazing food truck, and when the craving hits, I pull into the parking lot and grab lunch on my way home.

There is nothing like fresh Maine lobster, and The Lobster Buoy uses only fresh, never frozen lobster. The menu includes a variety of seafood and non-seafood selections. You can get lobster rolls in three sizes, baby buoy 2oz, quarter pound and half pound. Also on the menu you will find fried whole belly clams, clam strips, fish n' chips, crab rolls, sea scallops and shrimp. All seafood selections include fresh-cut fries and cole slaw. On the non-seafood menu they serve up cheeseburgers, hot pastrami and red hot dogs.

As exciting as the upcoming holidays are, I will miss my favorite food trucks, like JJ's Jerk Shack, Pompeii Pizza, and of course, the Lobster Buoy!

Can't wait to see them all again in the spring of 2024.

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