For years, thrill-seekers from around New England have made the trip to Maine to ride the whitewater of the Dead River, the Penobscot River, and the Kennebec River.  Each year, thousands tackle the rapids...  And, then go home.

Other than a few hotels, several restaurants, and a couple of stores, there's not much going on in that parts of Maine where we have whitewater.

But, what if there was a park that was centered around the thrill of whitewater, but that gave visitors other things to do?

Soon, that park will become a reality.

According to WMTW, construction has started on New England's first whitewater park.

However, it is not in Maine.  The park will be located in the town of Franklin, New Hampshire.

When it opens, hopefully this fall, it will feature a perpetual wave feature for kayaking, surfing and rafting.  There will also be hiking trails, a climbing wall, and an amphitheater for live music performances.

The park has been a long time coming.  It was first proposed five years ago.  When completed, it is expected that it will attract 160,000 visitors per year to the town of 8,600.  As the town is located at the point where the Pemigewasset River and Winnipesaukee River join to form the Merrimack River, it seems like the perfect place for the park.

If Maine were to get a whitewater park, where should it be located?  Let us know you opinion by messaging us on our app or through Facebook.

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