Here are some tips that should get you down the road safely, should you encounter a snowstorm in Bangor. For more information, AAA has a good rundown too.



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    "Get Off My Butt Already!"

    There is nothing worse than some knothead, who’s not paying attention, and riding the third point of contact of your vehicle. Please don’t drive so close and give yourself plenty of room to stop, should the driver in front of you have to stop quickly.
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    Don't Drive With Bald Tires

    I will admit that bald is beautiful, in some circles, but it isn’t when you’re out on the road. Do us all a favor and get new tires if yours are bald. You can’t do much about your plugged hair follicles, but you can do something about your tires.
    Robert King, Getty Images
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    Stay Off The Breaks Downhill!

    You probably shouldn’t be doing 55 mph down an icy hill anyway, but if you find yourself in that situation – Don’t Slam On The Brakes! Take it slow and let off the gas, cover the brake, when going down a hill. Don't make your car an upside down lawn ornament on someone's front lawn.
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    Lay Off The Gas Uphill!

    Don’t do what I did last year when I decided to put the peddle to the metal while going up an icy hill. A lot of good that did. I ended up at the bottom of the hill and, basically, in the gutter. My neighbor had to come and pull me out. Take a different route that doesn’t have so many hills if you can.
    Spencer Platt, Getty Images
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    Don’t Go Flying Around Those Corners

    I know it looked cool when Starsky and Hutch skidded around corners in the ’70s, but you’re no Starsky and Hutch big guy! The speed limit in downtown Presque Isle is 20 mph. If you’re driving that speed, you should be able to slow down and take the turns safely, thus avoiding wrapping your car around a telephone pole or tree, for that matter.
    Mark Wilson, Getty Images