We all love Vacationland, but there are just a few jobs out there that are wicked hard to do when it hits the high 80s and even the 90s in the summah. According to people standing around here in our office, these are the four toughest jobs to have in Maine when it's hot in the summer. Did we miss any? Let us know on Facebook!

Chefs & Kitchen Workers

These guys have it wicked tough. It can get anywhere from 10-40 degrees hotter inside the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, and the dedicated staff have to sweat it out to make sure we can stay cool in the dining room.

Porta Potty People

People have nightmares about this job when it's nice out. Now, crank that temperature up to 100 degrees. Mmmmmmmm.... what's that smell?


These fun-loving, plushy kid magnets might have the hardest job on the entire planet. They have to act the part, not punch any children in the face, and maintain composure throughout an entire sporting event. Not to mention stay alive and hydrated in sky-high summer temperatures.

Lineman & Power Company People

Not only is this a difficult and dangerous job in any weather, we totally depend on these guys and gals to keep the lights on and the internet humming.

So when it gets wicked hot this summah... just be thankful that you're not as hot as these people, and thank them if you can!

What did we miss? Comment and let us know!

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