Although Maine is 28 cents higher than the national average, gas prices are starting to finally bottom out and come down to earth.

Gas Buddy is a pretty handy tool when you are looking to find the best options for filling up your tank.

The average cost for a regular gallon of gas in Maine is $3.82, while the national average is $3.54, that isn't great, but as a whole, the cost to hit the pumps is starting to be a bit more reasonable, which is a relief, since it can hit you pretty hard in the wallet.

Gas Buddy is also helpful when you are looking for specific things. Last week, I had a dangerously low front tire, and I swear it took me 15 minutes and several stops, to find a working air hose. They also tell you which places have restrooms, and which ones have a pay-at-the-pump option. These things come in handy if you are headed out on the road.

So, the next time you need to fill up, Gas Buddy is a helpful way to find the cheapest prices, no matter where you might happen to be!

Here is the current Top 10 in the Bangor area:

Citgo $3.53
1110 Broadway

Citgo $3.54
164 State Street

Citgo $3.56
451 Hogan Road

Sam's Club $3.57
47 Haskell Road

BJ's $3.60
110 Longview Drive

Irving $3.62
633 Hogan Road

Irving $3.62
301 Odlin Road

Irving $3.63
489 Broadway

Citgo $3.64
146 State Street

Shell $3.69
1105 Hammond Street

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