There are some pretty trusty ways to get the romance going in your relationship: a candlelit dinner, a weekend getaway for two, a message.  We would consider these to be more efforted and out of the norm for a couple who are looking to spark some romance.

There is one way, however, to turn on your significant other that may not require any flowers, chocolate covered strawberries or, really, buying anything that shows your appreciation.

Yahoo shared information about a study by Superdrug Online Doctor that found a simple thing that turns on your partner is something that you can do every day- doing your part.  Sharing in responsibilities is a part of the partnership that you build with your significant other which often takes the form of sharing chores.  These chores could be the least costliest and more effective ways to get your partner turned on.

1000 survey participants were asked about how they were turned on by their partner and 56% of participants said seeing their partner doing chores turned them on.  Breaking that down, 61% of men surveyed said they were turned on when their significant other did chores and so were 56% of women.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork and apparently much more. <wink>

What were the top chores that turned on partners? Both men and women participants agreed that cooking as a super turn on.  In fact, this chore was found to be the biggest turn on in the study with 65% of women and 60% of men finding this the top chore that turned them on.

From there, women ranked having a partner who is 'handy' around the house almost equally as sexy as one that cooks.  Women also got more turned on by a partner that helped out with yard work.  Men were turned on more by a partner that cleaned, did the dishes and made the bed .

It looks like helping out with everyday chores (cooking, cleaning, making the bed) are sexy and not to be overlooked as a way to some romance going in your relationship.

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