Some cool new fun is coming to the Brewer Playground!

There seems to be a lot going on, in and around our studios here in Brewer. First of all, there is a giant chain fence surrounding the Big Apple, as they re-build it, then if you look across the street, over by the Brewer Pool, and Brewer Auditorium, you will notice that the playground equipment there is being torn up. Not to worry, because new equipment is on the way.

Many thanks to our ace reporter, Chris Popper, who gave a call over the Brewer Parks & Rec, and learned that the new equipment is here. The hope is that the company installing it will be arriving here next week.

The plan is to have it all up and operational by the middle of September.

Keep your eyes peeled in Brewer, and stay tuned for more info soon.

Take a look at the playground on its way out:

The Brewer Playground Is Getting A Makeover

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