DC FanDome was a full day of outrageous geekery for DC Comics fans, with panels for The Suicide SquadWonder Woman 1984Black AdamThe Flash, and many more. The main event after all of that was, of course, The Batman, the latest big-screen version of the Dark Knight directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

During the FanDome presentation, Reeves claimed he was a Batman fan since he was a kid, and found himself fascinated by the question of how someone becomes Batman. Calling his movie a “Year Two” Batman story, about a series of murders that reveals the history of corruption in Gotham City. While it’s not an origin story, Reeves said his film “touches on” Batman’s origin in the sense that the Wayne family will factor into that Gotham history that will be explored in the film. Reeves also said that the Gotham PD series he’s developing for HBO Max will go “deeper” into the “corrupt inner-workings of the city” starting in Year One, with the first emergence of the costumed vigilante who becomes known as the Batman.

The idea of the Batsuit in this movie is that it’s very practical; Bruce Wayne is building it himself as he goes, and so it had to look like something a guy like him might create. And it’s full of dings and marks from the damage he’s taken during his nights patrolling Gotham. (Oh, and The Batman does have a Batcave. Just in case you were worried about that.)

Finally, came the main event of the main event: Our first look at The Batman:

Plus, here are some new images of Robert Pattison as Bruce Wayne and The Batman:

And a few more images:

Pretty much every actor who’s played Batman on the big screen has worn dark makeup around their eyes to blend in with the character’s dark cowl. Pattinson’s version appears to be the first to acknowledge that within the world of the movie, Bruce Wayne wears dark makeup around his eyes. Previously, this makeup would magically disappear as soon as the character removed his mask, like in this scene from Batman Returns. In one shot, Michael Keaton has makeup, and then in the next — right as he peels off his mask — it vanishes:

Finally, a movie that depicts Batman’s cosmetics honestly and accurately. It’s about time. The Batman opens in theaters on October 1, 2021. If you’re looking for something to read in the meantime, Matt Reeves said he looked to Darwyn Cooke’s Batman: Ego for inspiration, and recommended people check it out.

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