Every year, Maine business Treworgy Family Orchard creates a stir when they reveal their corn maze design, and this year it's just as "terrific" as we hoped it could be.

This year, the Levant farm is bringing up a throwback to the children's book Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.

Credit: Amazon via Amazon.com
Credit: Amazon via Amazon.com

The business announced the design on Facebook on Saturday:

Treworgy Family Orchard posted the picture along with the cool extra's that go along with this year's maze:

Experience the "Charlotte's Web" 2021 Corn Maze with Wilbur, Templeton, and Charlotte. Help Charlotte write more words in her web. Each of the hidden six stations contains a vocabulary question. Choose your difficulty: Easy, Challenging, or Arduous. Tickets are $10 for ages 3 and up and include a kiddie soft serve ice cream. Reviewers have described this maze as "Terrific" and "Radiant" and have said it's "Some Pig".

So, not only can we choose how easily or hard the maze will be but we also get to find hidden stations among the maze.

According to the post, it is open now and will be ready for kiddos and those young at heart until the end of October. Tickets are $10 for ages 3 and up and discounts are available for large families.

Last year, the famous farm showcased a maze design based on the Blueberries for Sal children's book, a book based in Maine and chosen for Maine's Bicentennial birthday.

Enjoy a maze at the farm and good luck getting through it. We think you'll be as good as "some pig."

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