Mr. Arwood of a Tennessee Elementary school is looking to collect post cards from all over the world and has postcards from all states in the nation- except Maine.

Yesterday, David Arwood posted to Reddit asking for a postcard in Maine to add to the roster of post cards they have already received.  They want to collect postcards from all over the world to show the kids the diverse world we live in.

Progress. Going to have to do a separate map for the US states.

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The post was submitted January 23rd under username davidarwood6:

I work in a small, rural elementary school located in Northeast Tennessee. Another teacher and I are attempting to collect a post card from every state and as many countries as possible! This is to help them get a better understanding of how diverse and large our world truly is! We have already collected around 20, but I really want to make this a big deal. If you could please send a postcard to the school, the students would be thrilled. I want to share this project with the entire school, news and other educators! Thank you in advance!

We actually have all of the states except Maine! We can't stop with one left!

His wish request may have been met but what the heck. It's all for the children, right?!

Here's the address:

Mr. Arwood or Mrs. Lisa
1485 Riverview Drive
Elizabethton, TN 37643

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