Back In The Day Cafe fans, check this throwback out!

You gotta love it when you are aimlessly surfing YouTube and come across something from the past, and especially when it's something right here from home.

A WLBZ Channel 2 newscast from March 6th, 1993 is here for you to enjoy. There are several things to look for in this video clip. First of all, it was recorded on someones VHS, so you see the classic blue screen that is set on SLP, which meant Super Long Play, so you could record up to six hours of television. Secondly, there are great local TV commercials from Husson College, and Dorsey Furniture, and a hysterical Time Life ad for a Sounds of The 70's Disco compilation. Third, you might notice a couple of Bangor legends, Bill Green, and Townsquare Media sports guy, Dale Duff!

Watching this video you can really see how local television newscasts have changed over the years. But it's fun to look back 26 years at what was a simpler time before the internet took over the world.

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