If you are of a certain age, this should take you back!

Any random YouTube search can lead you to places you never thought possible. There is a veritable treasure trove of videos that can bring back some memories you maybe haven't thought of for some time.

A YouTuber named "jacky9br" uploaded a bunch of throwback newscasts from Bangor that feature WABI, WLBZ, and WVII. The videos are all from the mid to late 1990's, and they feature a ton of familiar faces, but the difference in how the news is presented back then is truly amazing. Not to mention the local television commercials from that era are a ton of fun to watch.

You man not remember the names Jim Keithley, Gina Clark, Matt Morano, Jill Shannon, Jenny Sparano, or Lisa Horowitz, but there are some very well known names that were either anchors, or field reporters, that are easily recognizable. They also feature two old friends of The Z Morning Shiw

Check out this list:

  • Rob Caldwell
  • Chris Ewing
  • Kevin Mannix
  • Donna Gormley
  • Ric Tyler
  • Jim Crocker
  • Ron Lisnette
  • Craig Colson
  • Tim Throckmorton

On this Throwback Thursday, check out these great old school Bangor newscast videos, and in particular, don't miss the 1998 Ice Storm Update from News Center. It will conjure up bad flashbacks of Maine's historic Ice Storm. I remember not being able to shower, or have electricity at home for 4 whole days. The entire state was covered in a coat of ice as thick as 3 inches.

You know you're from Bangor when ...

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