With the 2022 Bangor Wedding Show mere days away, I thought it would be appropriate to share one of my favorite memories from a Bangor Wedding Show of the past: the time I got to interview Wells Adams.

Bachelor Wells Adams

Adams was featured on The Bachelorette in its 12th season of the show and was eliminated in the 6th show of the season. But, Wells was not eliminated from the spot light. Wells has continued as a part of the Bachelor Nation with the spin-off series Bachelor In Paradise, a part of many seasons, both as a contestant, then as the season hotel bartender. There was hopes that Wells would take over as The Bachelor's host duties but, didn't end up getting the gig. We think he's got bigger things ahead of him in the future, though.

An Afternoon With Wells Adams at the Bangor Wedding Show 2018

I had just started with the Z107.3 crew and had the pleasure to welcome and chat with one of our favorite bachelors, Wells Adams.

He was a charmer and got to do some Q&A with smitten fans. He was so fun to chat with- very down-to-earth and personable. We would love to have him back at a future wedding show, which seems pretty appropriate currently for Mr. Adams considering he and his fiancé, Sarah, would want to do some shopping and idea-gathering for their own big day.

The Bachelor Almost Taken

At the time of the interview, Adams was dating Sarah Hyland, actress of Modern Family. Since that time, the couple has gotten engaged and have yet to announce when the big day will come.

A recent interview with Adams in Life and Style Magazine shares that the big day could be coming up soon: “We were supposed to get married two years ago — and then COVID — and then we were supposed to get married last year — and then COVID — so we’re hoping that this is going to be the year.”

Come Join Us At This Year's Bangor Wedding Show This Sunday

Well, Wells, I'm sure there's a lot of couples who are in the same predicament. Here's to 2022 for all of those looking to finally tie the knot! Come join us at the Bangor Wedding Show after the big storm wraps up and start gathering ideas, names and business cards to start planning your big day.

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