We still miss you Throck!

As the Bangor area prepares to say goodbye to WABI TV-5's Chris Ewing, who ends his 31 year career as a meteorologist during this Friday's 6pm news cast, we remembered that just about two years ago, we said farewell to another local media member who had a long and successful run in this town.

Sports broadcaster Tim Throckmorton hung it up on Friday, May 3rd, 2019, after a career in radio that started in 1980, then led to television, when he became the sports guy, way back in 1984. Timmy was a huge part of the area, and was honored with the Maine Sportscaster of the Year award, by the National Sports Media Association. More importantly to me, I had the great pleasure of working with him briefly, then was lucky enough to strike up a friendship with him that lasts to this day. Tim had the longest run of a sportscaster in Maine for a good reason...he is the ultimate pro, with a great sense of humor.

Not long after his last broadcast, he stopped by The Nite Show with Danny Cashman for an "exit interview" to talk about his incredible career.

And my personal favorite, back in 2015, he participated in a funny parody of the classic 70's sitcom, "Three's Company" starring several Channel 5 on-air personalities, Tim of course, played landlord, Ralph Furley. The result is comedic gold.

Best of luck in retirement to Chris Ewing, and thanks for all the great memories Throck! We will miss you both.

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