Everyone in this commercial is rocking some serious 1980’s style!

Nothing like a good #TBT video is give your day a lift, especially when it feels very much like Fall today. Plus, there is a guy in this ad rocking a sweet mullet.

It's amazing what you can find on Reddit, or YouTube, when you search hard enough. Awhile back, I came across a post with a link to a YouTube video for a 1989 local Bangor television commercial for a business called "Hair Upstairs."

We couldn't quite pinpoint the exact location of the business after digging a little deeper, but rumor has it, the upscale hair salon was located in the Bangor Mall area in the 1980s and early '90s.

And it is a pretty safe bet that it was created locally by either channels 2, 5 or 7, here in the Bangor area.

For those of you much too young to remember, long before there was any social media, or internet for that matter, people during this time were mesmerized by videos on MTV. There was certainly a time where style won over substance. Naturally, that bled over into advertising.

As you can imagine, this commercial takes it self a little too seriously with all the crazy haircuts and model like, dramatic stares at the camera from very attractive people. But hey, maybe they all had to get their hair done, before a decadent night of dancing at Bangor's hot spot of the time, the Bounty Tavern!

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