Sometimes you’re just in the mood ... to be nude!

Winters here in the state of Maine, are long, they are cold, and they can be very hard on all us in a bunch of different ways. It gets dark at 4 in the afternoon, which can be very depressing. You constantly find yourself trying to stay warm. Then, there is ice scraping, warming your car up before you go anywhere, and of course, the delightful art of shoveling. Sometimes you just have to make the best of it, and you might recall a gentleman who did just that, and he had a ton of fun in the process.

Does anyone remember Christmas Day 2017? We had a raging blizzard that dumped some serious snow on us. Almost three years ago to the date, we uncovered this gem on YouTube that featured a Kenduskeag man, named Miles C., who decided to whip off everything except a scarf and take a joyride on his ATV after a heavy snowfall. And he is not the least bit modest about it, because he lets it all hang out...literally.

It was an immediate smash, racking up over 20,000 views, and was shared many times on social media.

On this #tbt Throwback Thursday, let's take a fond look ..back, at one of our favorite videos of all-time from that miserable storm, and have a good laugh, And who knows, maybe he will strike again after the first Nor'easter of the winter of 2021/2022!

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