For one glorious night, the 1990s came back to Bangor!

After a year of staying at home, it's hard to remember a time where everyone would get excited about a concert announcement, but five years ago this week, we got to break the news to a grateful audience ready for some classic Back In The Day Café 90's throwback jams that reminded everyone of a simpler time, when the only thing on your mind was who would you choose if you were Dylan McKay? Brenda Walsh, or Kelly Taylor is a hard choice, but let me go on the record as a Kelly fan, I have always had a crush on Jennie Garth.

Salt-N-Pepa (featuring Spinderella), Vanilla Ice, All-4-One, Color Me Badd, Tone Loc, Rob Base, and Young MC, all rocked the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on Oct. 28, 2016, and we had the exclusive on the show and gave away a ton of tickets.

After the show, so many people posted videos from the show.

The first show was so successful, they returned to Bangor, on May 13, 2017, with a lineup that included Naughty By Nature, Blackstreet, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, Sisqo, Kid ‘n Play, Montell Jordan, Coolio, Biz Markie and C+C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams. Just to let you know how much fun they had, Coolio decided to show up at Season's Downunder Club after the show to hang with everyone.

Concerts won't be happening anytime in the near future, but you can be sure that they will come roaring back soon.

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