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Nicky’s Crusin’ Diner has become an iconic staple in the Bangor community since the 1980s, but some people don’t know that this is the place where Howie Day got his start before having a couple of big hits. It was originally known as Nicky’s Ice Cream Parlor, but Howie and Karen Day bought the business in 1987, then made it the diner that we all know and love.

The Day’s son, Howie, had played the piano since the age of 5, and turned that early start into a career in music . As a high school student, Howie would perform at Nicky’s on Friday nights, as you can see in this classic Back In The Day commercial!

That’s not the only old school ad we found. Check out another commercial from 1990, and a promo for CBS This Morning

After extensive touring, Howie signed a recording contract with Epic Records in 2002, and had great success with the album,”Stop All The World Now” which went gold and spawned the hit "Collide," which sold more than 1.5 million downloads, and ended up in about a million rom-com movie trailers!

Day had some troubles in the years that followed. In 2004, Day was arrested and charged over an incident in which he was accused of locking a fan in the toilet of his tour bus and destroying her cell phone. And in 2005, Day was arrested in Boston after reportedly verbally abusing the flight crew while under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills.

Since then, he has turned things around in a positive way, and he continues to recording and perform his music.

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