Who in their right mind would want to get into an argument with this guy?

"Kitchen Nightmares" was an American reality television series on Fox, where Chef Gordon Ramsay is invited by the owners to spend a week with a failing restaurant in an attempt to revive the business, and we all know now, he isn't always the most pleasant fella to be around. The show ran 7 Seasons, from September 19, 2007, until June 23, 2014. His current show is "24 Hours To Hell and Back", which also airs on Fox.

The Kitchen Nightmares YouTube page however is still active, and this week they posted a video from Season 2, where Chef Ramsay visits Black Pearl in New York City. Black Pearl was a seafood restaurant specialising in lobster, where he finds three owners, Brian, David and Greg, are having a hard time making things work, since they are never in the restaurant at the same time.

Things get comical when Ramsey finds out they are selling Canadian lobsters, and advertising them as our pride and joy, fresh Maine lobster. One of the owners contends that they share they same North Atlantic waters, and he receives them from the same vendor, this of course throws Gordon into a profanity laced tirade, losing his mind over the fact that they are sellling "Award winning Maine Lobster Rolls", that are in fact Canadian lobster. He kept his cool at a level that was somewhat subdued for him, but you can tell wathcing this clip, he ain't pleased.

You may remember that last fall, Gordon visited various places in the state of Maine, and even popped into the Porthole Restaurant & Pub in Portland, for a delcious omeltte, and posed for a picture with the staff.

Working through a pandemic is worth it when Gordon Ramsay comes for breakfast! Thank you so much for lifting our staffs spirits and being beyond kind! @gordongram

Posted by The Porthole Restaurant & Pub on Saturday, September 19, 2020

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