Let's all enjoy something fun and uplifting today.

After the tragic and disturbing events that occurred yesterday in Washington, D.C., maybe we need something to take our minds off of things for just a few moments, and possibly even bring a much needed laugh or smile to our faces.

Since it's Throwback Thursday, it seems like a good time to check out some videos from a happier time. There have been several fun parody songs and videos that were done right here in Bangor, and we dug up a few of our favorites!

A rap video all about our beloved state called "Made In Maine" was created by rapper, dancer, actress and Brewer High School graduate, Rachel Caron.

The video was filmed in and around Bangor, and features Paddy Murphy's, Whoopie Pie Cafe, the Bangor Waterfront and, of course, Marden's, among other area landmarks.

In this tongue-and-cheek look at stereotypes about Mainers, Caron and her full-flanneled, lobster-loving friends also play a lot of beer pong, hang outside Stephen King's house and have a wicked snowball fight.

Watch for cameos from Maine rapper Spose and the Marden's Lady, Birdie Googins. You'll see a lot of familiar faces. We did!

My whole life, I have listened to people struggle with how say Ban-GOR the right way. Be it tourists, or every time we are mentioned on the national news, or in movies and TV. Finally, all I have to do is show them this very clever music video.

Throw in some local celebs like Todd Simcox, Steve McKay, Danny Cashman and some other well known area peeps, write a funny song that parodies "We Are The World" and you have "We Are Bangor."

This video was a huge hit when it was posted to YouTube, in fact it's been viewed over 340,000 times in the past five years! Now watch it ... and remember it's Ban-GOR!!! There is even a helpful sing-a-long if you get stuck.

With all of the songs about warm weather places out there, why not a song about a cold-weather place? Namely, Bangor!

The Nite Show with Danny Cashman took it upon himself to make it happen, using a popular "warm weather place" song as the inspiration. You may recognize the classic Will Smith jam "Miami" in this tune. While Dan's rapping skills leave something to be desired, he's our pal, and he did a great job with this one.

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