Fans don't know how to feel about the latest, scarily uncanny wax figure of Taylor Swift.

Madame Tussauds Dubai announced the addition of Swift to their celebrity lineup Dec. 6, according to Billboard.

The wax figure depicts Swift in khaki pants and a red sequined top with her iconic acoustic guitar by her side.

According to Time Out Dubai, Swift's wax figure marks the first international star to be featured in the museum, which opened in October 2021.

See Dubai's Taylor Swift wax figure in the tweet below:

Some Swifties were definitely not impressed by the figure and expressed their opinions online.

"These wax figures always do her dirty. I think it’s simply too hard to re-create perfection," one fan bemoaned.

Another Swiftie even started a thread on Twitter comparing all of Swift's wax figures from over the years to the memes they remind them of.

Others joked about using the collage of Swift's wax figures as a mood check.

"Which Taylor Swift wax figure are you today & who tf is the bottom middle?" someone else chimed in.

"Haven’t [Madame Tussauds] seen what Taylor Swift looks like or are they making her wax figures after looking at that 'it’s just Ashley' girl?!" one Swiftie joked, referring to one of Swift's lookalikes who previously claimed she was asked to tour Swift's old New York City apartment because she looked like her.

However, at least one person thought they knocked it out of the park, tweeting, "This person was on their talent s--- with ALL of Taylor Swift wax figures."

The wax figure honoring Swift comes after the star's whirlwind album release for Midnights. The singer's 10th studio album has spent five weeks on top of the Billboard 200 chart and broken records such as occupying the entire Hot 100.

The hype surrounding Midnights was so great that sales for Swift's The Eras Tour effectively broke Ticketmaster, crashing the site and creating hours-long virtual lines which resulted in most fans being unable to secure tickets.

The chaos even prompted a Congress hearing about Ticketmaster's practices, as well as a lawsuit.

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