Taylor Swift released the lyric video for her song "The Man."

On Friday (February 7), the Lover hitmaker unveiled the animated music video for her power anthem, which she wrote to play with the idea of perception and how she would be treated if she was a man. "If I had made all the same choices, all the same mistakes, all the same accomplishments, how would it read?" Swift told Vogue in 2019.

The video sees a businesswoman walking among corporate males, who are much taller and larger than her. After she nearly gets stepped on, she's forced to run so she doesn't get trampled. She then finds a building and literally climbs the corporate ladder only to get kicked off and left to freefall to her death before she's caught by a giant woman. It ends with a powerful message: A group of women walking together in solidarity.

So far, fans are absolutely loving the message behind the lyric video.

The visuals also resemble the 2010 movie Inception, which stars actor Leonardo DiCaprio. On the track, Swift name-drops him to prove how male celebrities are treated differently, singing, "I'd be just like Leo in Saint-Tropez."

Watch Taylor Swift's "The Man" lyric video, below:

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