Hey Mainers, take the challenge and see how many fingers you put down!

Most days, trolling social media can be a bit much honestly, but once in awhile, I just take a deep dive around TikTok, because sometimes you will see some pretty funny and amazing things.

The “Put a finger down if” challenge is one of those trendy things that pop up on TikTok from time to time. The rules are easy: You have to put one finger down if your answer to the question is “yes”. There are many different editions of it, so it was only a matter of time before one involving Maine popped up.

TikTok user livinlkelarry posted a video where she asks the following questions that pertain to the Pine Tree State.

Put A Finger Down:

"If someone has ever asked what is Maine, or where is Maine?"

"If you have ever tried Moxie before"

"If you have to drive at least 30 minutes to get to your closest grocery store"

"If you know who Anna Kendrick, Patrick Dempsey, or Stephen King is"

"If you have ever been asked if you have seen a deer, moose, or bear before"

"If someone has ever mentioned lobster, blueberries, or whoopie pies to you"

"If you like Dunkin more than Starbucks"

"If people just assume you like country music"

"If people from out of state talk about the amount of trees here"

"If you roll your eyes when anyone says "oh my god, you're so lucky you live in Maine"

"If you wish you lived anywhere but Maine"

"If you hate winter"

"If you have ever been to LL Bean"

"If you have ever been to Augusta, Bangor, Portland, or Rockland"

"If the one thing you're happy about is that weed is legal in Maine"

How many fingers did you put down? My count was 11!

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