Has the stress over the last year gotten you down? It's time you get out, get some fresh air, and make some donkey friends!

Grab your human friends (up to 5 of them) and join a couple of donkeys for a stroll by the Presumscot River with naturalist, Molly Bones in Gorham. Molly is an expert adventurer with lifetimes of experience and knowledge passed down to her by her family and lived by her over the years.

Funny Donkey
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This unique experience is more than just a walk, however, Molly will be your adventure guide and help you get to know Fish and Sully, the donkeys, and help educate you on the sweet creatures. Once everyone is acquainted you'll begin on your 1.3-mile walk.

During the walk, Molly will help you identify things such as mushrooms or animal tracks, or whatever else you may find on your journey! Once at the falls you'll enjoy a picnic before heading back.

Eat Drink Lucky reports that during the warmer days, grab your swimsuit and take a quick dip in the river.

Social distancing, proper hygiene, and masks are required. If you're interested book your adventure through Airbnb here.

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