's something many of us are used to doing over school vacations. We pack the kids in the back of a van, grab some snacks and some pocket money, and away we go.  But since the onset of Covid-19,  picking up and taking off with the family to destinations unknown is not an option for the foreseeable future. So folks are finding other ways to settle their wanderlust, like Virtual visits or vacations.

Thanks to organizations like the Maine State Archives,  you can now tour some of Maine's more famous attractions, right from the comfort (and safety) of your computer. Anyone in the world can "virtually" explore Maine landmarks like Fort Knox, The Penobscot Narrows Bridge & Observatory, The Maine State House in Augusta and The Old Orchard Beach Pier, absolutely free.

According to their website, "Viewers will feel as though they are standing at the site of interest and can activate pop-ups of historical anecdotes about the site simply by directing their gaze. These experiences can be viewed on a desktop computer, but are most effective when using a cell phone in a VR headset, for the full 360-degree immersive view."

Not only is this a handy and socially acceptable form of "travel" these days, it can also be used as a resource for those doing distance learning, so you're actually killing two birds with one stone...from your couch, so to speak!

To check it out for yourself, you can click here or here!

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