Jake Gyllenhaal

‘Life’ Review: In Space No One Can Hear You Copy ‘Alien’ and ‘Gravity’
After a daring and dangerous rescue mission, the crew of the International Space Station recovers soil samples that contain the first incontrovertible proof of that alien life exists. They nurture the sample, a single living cell, until it grows into an adorable amorphous blob. The whole world is obsessed with their discovery. A little girl names it Calvin during a worldwide live broadcast from Times Square. The crew is smitten with their new passenger.
‘Donnie Darko’ Is Heading Back to Theaters With a New 4K Restoration
Donnie Darko, perhaps the cult-iest of cult movies, made barely a ripple when it premiered in theaters in 2001, but since then has become a cult classic phenomenon, an essential film for disenfranchised teens and time travel aficionados alike. And, like, many cult classics these days, it’s getting a theatrical re-release, this time in glorious 4K resolution.

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