The Supreme Judicial Court has upheld the conviction and sentencing of Jalique Keene, who was convicted on charges of rape and murder.

Keene's lawyer claimed the trial should have been moved to another county because of the media coverage of his case. He was convicted of raping and murdering a former classmate, 19-year-old Mikaela Conley. His attorney also argued that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that Keene was actually with Conley when she died. He's currently serving a 58-year sentence, which his lawyer considered to be excessive.

Conley was a sophomore when Keene was a senior at MDI High School. The day before she died, she had picked him up at Logan Airport in Boston, and drove him back to Bar Harbor. After 1 a.m. the next morning, the two were seen together on security cameras at the elementary school. The video that was found after her death showed Keene and Conley together. Sometime later he was seen dragging her lifeless body in the direction of the woods where her body was found. Keene was then seen washing his hands and legs at an outdoor spigot.

The BDN reports a decision has been handed down by the Supreme Judicial Court upholding the conviction and sentence.

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