The moon will look super duper.

The second super moon of the month will occur throughout this coming Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.  It will peak at 7:15 a.m. EDT on Wednesday morning, May 26th.  Expect to see a full moon Monday night throughout Thursday of next week.

So why is this moon called a "supermoon"? Because at 9:51 Tuesday night the moon's orbit will be at perigee, which is as close as it will ever get to earth, about 222,117 miles away.

So why is this particular full moon named a "flower moon"?  Because at this time of year way back when folks took notice that the flowers were blooming and making the earth a colorful, beautiful place.  They thought, cool, let's name it a flower moon.

Now here's what makes the super flower blood moon on the morning of the 26th really special, or super duper, and it's the blood part of it all.

As the earth passes between the supermoon and the sun early that Wednesday morning a total lunar eclipse will occur. As the earth blocks the sun, the only light that will reach the moon will be filtered first by the atmosphere that surrounds the earth, and the remaining light will give the surface of the moon a red glow.  Yes, the moon will be the same color as blood.  Kind of.

The only bad thing about being in Maine this coming Wednesday morning is that we won't be able to see much of the lunar eclipse, as the majority of it will happen below the western horizon. You may be able to see it begin at 4:45 a.m. but then it will quickly sink below the horizon and out of sight. Shucks. People in Asia and California will be able to see it pretty good, but not us.

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