Summer in Bangor means King fans are coming out of the woodwork!

There is no denying that Stephen King has a rabid, cult-like fan base because people from all over the world stop to gawk, take photos and videos of his home on West Broadway in Bangor.

They also like to visit locations around town that have served as a backdrop for some of his books and films.

I live in the same neighborhood, so I am a bit jaded by all this, seeing that I drive by it just about every single day, and without fail, there is always someone parked on the side of the road, snapping pictures of this iconic home.

Just in the last week, several people have uploaded videos to TikTok and YouTube, of their adventures in the Queen City, or I guess in this case, "The King City".

A woman who calls herself "Mrs. Goblin" visited the sewer drain in Bangor, located at the corner of Jackson and Union Street, that inspired Stephen King to write "It."

Then, he took a stroll around Mt. Hope Cemetery in Bangor, which of course is the basis for "Pet Semetary"

Esra Oziskender just decided to check out Steve's pad on West Broadway.

Take a drive down Stephen King's street on some sunny day this summer, I can almost guarantee you will see tourists checking things out!

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