A new study finds Bangor beats out both Portland and Lewiston as the best Maine city to start a small business.

The study, released Monday by Wallet Hub, ranked 1,261 small cities in the U.S. to find which were the best for starting a small enterprise.

Bangor ranked first among the Maine cities in the study. The Queen City came in at No. 434 among all the U.S. cities ranked. Portland came in next at 448 followed by Lewiston at 535 and South Portland at 630. Those were the only four Maine cities ranked in the study.

The best small U.S. city in which to start a small business was Holland, Mich.

The study accounted for factors including average length of the work week, revenue growth, variety of industry, workforce education levels, office space affordability, labor costs and corporate taxes, among other things. You can see the methodology here.

Source: WalletHub


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