The official trailer for the highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things is here, and it provides a seriously thrilling look at things to come on the hit adventure/sci-fi Netflix series.

Season 2 finds the kids of Stranger Things diving deeper into the 1980s: references to classic video games like Dragon's Lair, iconic films like Ghostbusters and more abound!

But it's not all fun and arcade games for the fictional town of Hawkins, where a traumatized Nancy, Jonathan and Steve seek to answer lingering questions; Eleven awakens in another dimension; and Will is inexplicably drawn back into the Upside Down, where something big and frightening and very War of the Worlds-esque looms.

Meanwhile, the whole exhilarating trailer is sound-tracked by the king of '80s pop himself, Michael Jackson, the sinister synths of "Thriller" pumping up the excitement and chills with a pounding sense of euphoric nostalgia. Once that Vincent Price monologue hits—"Darkness falls across the land..."—the countdown to October 27 truly begins.

Watch below:

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