We are in weird times.

I traveled to the Brewer Walmart yesterday to pick up some fresh meat, which we haven't had in the household in a few days due to avoiding the outside world, as requested.  But, there was none: no fresh beef, no fresh chicken, no fresh pork.

All of it bought in the fever of self-isolation.

It put me into a daze. What is happening to us?

I walked by a very old man who walked slowly through the frozen section. As I quickly passed by, I hoped he would be able to apprehend the item he came in to buy but doubtful that he could "get his share."

I'm a bit despondent, sickened by hoarding our community has succumbed to.

Then, we see a story out of the very same Brewer Walmart that will lift your spirits to show the positive spirit of humanity that still remains in our community in the Bangor Area.

Facebook user Jill Rambo visited the store and witnessed an act of kindness that will no doubt shine light in our community and share an important message that should be highlighted.

Yes.  This.

Thank you, Jill, for sharing your story and for creating a hashtag that empowers us in a time of uncertainty. Priorities, people.

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