Bangor and Stephen King made appearances on a CBS Sunday Morning segment aired this weekend where veteran newscaster, Jane Pauley, interviewed the horror writer about an upcoming series based on one of his novels.

The conversation meanders around Stephen King's Bangor, the author's growing up, marriage with Tabitha as well as some of his writing process in general and, now after 80 published books, how the process has changed. So, what is the secret to Stephen King's writing career? From him, "Keeping the imagination young."

The segment begins with the handsome iconic Bangor attraction of the Paul Bunyan statue in front of the Cross Insurance Center then transitions to another attraction, Stephen King's Victorian home on West Broadway. A few tourists are interviewed as well as the SK Tour's guide, James Tinker.

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The interview focuses on the new Apple TV series based on King's 2006 'Lisey's Story'. King wrote the teleplay for the new series which stars Julianne Moore.

Further on, there is conversation about King's relationship with wife, Tabitha, from which Lisey's Story is inspired. Also mentioned was a personal story of his mother at the end of her life, which King states he'd never talked about before, as well as a box in the attic of the home he grew up in filled with stuff that belonged to his father, we left the home when King was 2 years old. In the box, among other things, was a book who's cover illustration resonated with his soul and became a key influence to the subject of King's writing.

King mentioned that "words don't come like they used to" but he writes every day. A new novel has been completed but is still "marinating" for King to give some distance before committing to the book as a future book for us all to enjoy.

Check out the full interview with Jane Pauley from CBS Sunday Morning aired Sunday, June 13.

See more about the upcoming 'Lisey's Story' series coming to Apple TV at the series webpage.

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