Minimalism is the new norm. Simple means more these days and more and more people are starting to sell their things, purge what they don’t need, pack their stuff into tiny homes, vans, and busses, and live simply on the bare minimum. The trend of minimalism can even be seen with modern decor and company logos that take away the razzle-dazzle and strip things down to simplicity.

But simple doesn’t need to mean boring.

Just because you’re living on the bare minimum doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice aesthetics and vibes. Take this Airbnb in Passadumkeag, Maine, for example. The tiny a-frame cabin may be small but the vibes are positive and immaculate.

Tiny Home Airbnb in Maine

Whether you’re interested in dabbling in the tiny home or van life or you simply just want a weekend away off the grid, this Airbnb is the perfect getaway to strip the excess and stress and just relax in nature. For only $61 per night, you can rest easy on 18 acres of land in an 8x10’ space that offers everything you need to be one with nature and one with yourself without all the extra stuff you really don’t need on a daily basis.

There may be no electricity but there are beautiful views, clear starry skies, hiking trails, rivers nearby, a deck that expands the space, and a beautiful little home that will make you feel at peace.

I’ve never been one to dream about owning a mansion or needing a lot of space, so homes like this are what I love most. Do you think you have what it takes to live a minimalist life? Try it out for a couple of days at this beautiful Airbnb in Pessamakeag.

Stay in a Tiny Home With Big Vibes at This Airbnb in Passadumkeag, Maine

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