State Police say it was likely the largest motor vehicle crash in state history. And, incredibly enough, no one was killed. These photos of rescue crews working to sort through the wreckage and free the people involved, from the point of view of a State Police Major, will make you thankful that we have these brave men and women to come to our assistance.

State Police Major Christopher Grotton shared some of the photos he took at the scene of Wednesday's crash on I-95 in Etna. The firefighter standing on top of some of the vehicles is Hermon Fire Captain Chandler Corriveau, who is also a full-time firefighter with the Bangor Fire Department. Looking at these pictures, I can't imagine the overwhelming job these folks had, sorting through the wreckage, searching out trapped occupants, and going about rescuing them.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said in a press release today that troopers continue to compile paperwork from the multitude of accidents, interview people who were involved, and review photos of the crash to try and determine the sequence of events.

Over 70 vehicles were involved in Wednesday's crash on I-95 in Etna, including a school bus carrying two adults and two high school students. 17 people were injured, two seriously. McCausland said one person had a heart attack at the scene and there were many broken bones. But the good news is, there were no fatalities.

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