Take a break from work today and get HIGH!

Today, Wednesday, May 10th, the Bangor Water District is featuring their Spring Tour of the Thomas Hill Standpipe!  It's FREE, and it's happening between 3 and 6PM.

Take Highland Avenue and then get on the one-way Thomas Hill Road.  But, you better be able to walk the 100 steps to the top!  It's not handicapped accessible, kids under twelve must have an adult with them, and no pets.  Make sure you bring your phone to take a video like this one!

The Thomas Hill Standpipe was built back in Great Grammy's days, in1897, and it holds 1.75 million gallons of water.  Where does Bangor's water come from?  Flood's Pond in Otis!  Yup, it makes the 15 mile journey to the big city, eventually running underneath the Penobscot River!

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