The Six Mile Falls store has stood in the same spot, at 2354 Broadway in Bangor, for more than 70 years. The convenience store and meat market has changed hands, many times through the decades. In 2013, Jeff and Melissa Ingalls purchased the store and ran it till they sold it to Steve and Lisa Watson.

Six Mile Falls, Google Image
Six Mile Falls, Google Image

According to a story NewsCenter Maine did in February 2019, the Watsons had hoped to keep the history of this special spot alive. But that was apparently not in the books, as they released a statement on the store's Facebook Page in December of that year explaining that they'd be closing for good.

"We will be closing the doors of the store on December 31st. This is totally our choice. There are more important things in life than working 7 days a week. We are thankful for everyone that supported Six Mile Falls and Cravin Candy....We wish all of you a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!"

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It has stood vacant for more than 3 years now.

Then, last Friday, a post by local realtors the Dirigo Team from Better Homes & Gardens said the building had been leased, and to keep an eye out for what's to come.

According to Bangor City Code Enforcement Director, Jeff Wallace, there's been no news yet as to what the new tenants have planned. But if they do want to use the space as a store again, they will have to get approval from the City of Bangor, first.

"The old store was a grandfathered non-conformity. When those sit vacant for a certain time the grandfather goes away and so would the allowed use. This parcel has sat vacant longer than the time period."

We're certainly looking forward to seeing what kind of new life these new tenants will breathe into the place.

The General Stores Of Downeast Maine

These are the long-time general stores that are spread throughout downeast Maine. The stores that your grandparents picked up milk, beer, and that night's dinner at. For years they had been filled with things like fly paper, clothes, beef jerky, and that morning's newspaper. Now, you stop by for that slice of breakfast pizza, a tasty fried chicken sandwich for lunch, gas,and a handful of lottery tickets.

They're an important part of Maine's heritage, and their numbers are starting to dwindle. But we still frequent them to pick up the day's necessities and to keep up on town gossip.

They may not be owned by the original owners, and they may not look the same as they did years and years ago. But that same hometown feeling is there, the minute you set foot on their wooden floors. More than likely the same wooden floors that your grandparents set foot on.

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