Did you make the most of the summer of 2021? I'm not sure I did, but hello fall!

Fall officially arrives this afternoon at 3:21 pm. It is very bittersweet to see summertime leave us behind. On one hand, everyone would agree that this summer has been hit or miss around Maine. It seemed like every other day it rained, and when you add to that the growing surge of the Delta variant, it makes things still a little depressing, 18 months into this seemingly endless pandemic.

For those of us who live in Maine, the idea of cold weather coming our way is kind of a drag. Shorter days, longer nights, and the inevitable coming of Daylight Saving Time, on Sunday, November 7th, at 2:00 A.M, can make things a little depressing. My least favorite part is when it's dark when I get up to come to work and dark not long after I get home.

There are positives of course! A nice, crisp fall day in Maine is perfection, Sundays are for football. The pesky humid days and nights where you sweat to death are long gone. There is leaf peeping, apple picking, school functions. See, it's not all bad.

I have to say, that I personally didn't use much of the summer of 2021. I didn't go to the beach at OOB, or Bar Harbor, I didn't go to Fenway Park, I didn't go to a concert. I didn't really enjoy all the sunny days, and hot summer nights. Maybe it is because things still don't seem quite right. COVID-19 has changed us all in some way, but hopefully next summer a sense of normalcy will return, and I will once again come out of my shell and take advantage of all the great things that I missed out on this year. I did however spend many days at the basketball out past Parkway South, so thank you City of Brewer for the lovely court there.

I wanted to re-share a post I found just about a year ago, on September 21, from Susannah Warner of Anson, Maine, who wrote a very charming farewell letter to the end of the summer, and those long, sunny days, where the sun stays out until 8 pm, on her Facebook page. She works as a registered nurse at Redington Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan. She describes herself as "A wife, mother, grandmother and nurse. Lover of God, nature, adventure and books. An observer and a doer, an explorer and a homebody. I write about and take pictures of it all."

Enjoy her love letter to the end of summer, and don't forget to enjoy the beauty of fall in the state of Maine. It is my favorite season, and when you live here, it can be magical.

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