How is this possible? It was 70 degrees last week!

I will never stop ringing the bell that Mother Nature is either bi-polar, or she just gives us all the leftover weather no one wants. Maine rarely gets good, steady weather. If it's bright and sunny, the wind blows like crazy. If it's nasty weather, it comes at the weirdest times. Like this year, winter may start a little earlier than it seems like it should.

Here in the Bangor area, we've seen record temps in the 70's off and on in the month of November. This is all after a pretty mild October too. On top of a warm summer of little rain, and a lot of drought. Now, just a few scant days after record high temps, we have snow in the forecast. And not necessarily the smallest amount either.

The county already has a few inches of the white stuff.

Up in Aroostook County, they've already got a solid coating of snow on the ground. Bangor will get it's first blanketing on Wednesday this week. According to the National Weather Service in Caribou, we may see an inch or two, depending on where you're located. Maybe even a smidge more if you're closer to the northern areas.

I had hoped maybe we could put this off a bit, but you just never know in Maine. It probably won't stick around very long. That's the saving grace about these early season storms... They don't really produce much. Except that first round of drivers who forgot how to drive in snow since last winter, somehow.

Hopefully this isn't a sign of the way the rest of the winter is headed. We don't really need to extend winter any longer than necessary. It always seems to drag on forever in the spring, so let's not tack on too much more on this end too. Mother Nature just needs to get on some meds and stop messing with us.

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