Maine winters are pretty awesome.

If you take the inconvenient parts out of winter, it really can be a wonder of nature. I don't care much for the slippery driving or the absolute frigid temperatures that occasionally happen. But all in all, it's worth the hassle. And the older I get, the more I've gravitated away from the blah of in-town living.

That's actually what got me thinking about this the other day. I was out walking my dog in the woods behind our house. There were a bunch of spruce tips that had pretty much frozen over entirely. So I got to wondering what other people see. Everyone has a nutty thing happen that they capture on their phone, so I wanted to see them.

These photos are absolutely amazing.

As I started combing through all the photos that folks shared, there were some crazy standouts. Such as: the wheel well of a truck that ha spikes sprouting out from it that were made of ice. Gnarly looking stuff. There were also some straight-up frozen waterfalls. Plus all sorts of other cool stuff you'll just have to check out.

I guess people who live in other states have their own things they get to snap photos of that are semi-exciting, but frozen pine needles? No way. But if you live in a place with just pretty much one season, you'll never get the good stuff. I don't say this often about winter in Maine, but some folks just don't know what they're missing.

So scope these awesome photos of nature and people in action. It's pretty sweet.

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