Since the use and sale of recreational cannabis became legal in Maine in October of 2020, the business has seen over $5 million in sales in 8 months. There are 34 licensed retailers across the state and cannabis use has become much more mainstream in the public eye.

But retailers aren't the only ones going into business since the change to Maine's stance on marijuana use. Camp Laughing Grass opened up on land near the Crooked River in Harrison, Maine as a 420 friendly campground for those that are 21 and over.

Camp Laughing Grass in this rural town in the Oxford Hills is a cannabis-themed campground that doesn't offer any cannabis due to Maine law. They have cottages, glamping tents and campsites, but if you want to partake, then you need to bring your own.

According to a recent article in The Portland Press Herald, Camp Laughing Grass is not registered as a public campground. It is legally a private residence since the groundskeeper lives there. Under current Maine law, if the campground were to sell marijuana, then there would be a problem. So everything is on the up and up for Camp Laughing Grass, but owner Trinity Madison would like to see the rules change at some point in the future allowing her to sell as well as provide a place to consume and have a good time camping with friends.

Lisa and Thomas Whynot recently stayed at Camp Laughing Grass and shared photos with us of the cabin she stayed in. All cabins, glamping tents and sites are sold through AirBNB, so if you want to book a stay and get more info, you can go the Camp Laughing Grass website by tapping the button below.

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em at This Cannabis-Themed Campground In Harrison, Maine

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