Most of us can only imagine what it's like to not have a roof over our heads or a safe space to sleep. The thought of dealing with that, while also trying to raise babies or children, makes your heart sink even more. Unfortunately for some folks in our communities, that's their reality.

Maine's first responders see situations like this all too often. And I am sure it's very difficult not be able to do much about it, except for maybe point folks without homes in the direction of some services for assistance.

But every once in a while, they come across a case that hits so close to home that they have to go above and beyond the call of duty to help.

One such situation presented itself this week, and what Skowhegan Police Department's Cpl. Jacob Pierce did to help will warm your heart.

Posted on the Skowhegan Police Department's Facebook Page, the story unfolds as Cpt. Pierce investigates a car parked at a nearby grocery store. What he finds inside moves him to take action.

I'm not sure what is more beautiful; those adorable babies sitting on a hero's knee, or the look of relief and peace on their momma's face, knowing they will all be safe and comfortable for the night.

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Cpl. Peirce not only approached his job as a law enforcement office that evening, but from the perspective of a dad; He wanted to keep those little ones safe and make sure they were fed. And that caused him to go above and beyond. Empathy; It's inspiring.

We may not be able to solve every big problem we come across in this world, but we can try, one at a time, to make the small ones a little better.

When the police went back to check on them the next day, they were gone. But for a brief evening, this little family unit -- who'd evidently been struggling -- got a break from that struggle and a night to just be.

Well done Cpl. Pierce and the Skowhegan Police Department. Thank you for your service, and for caring, with a dad's heart.

Happy Early Father's Day.

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