In the endless search for our new favorite podcasts, I'm here to help bring a little fun to your search with the Skin Room's Skinroom-ish podcast.

The Skin Room owner Lauren along with The Skin Room's aesthetician and manager Kiersten host this fun and personal podcast out of Ellsworth, Maine and bring their frank conversations to the internet with the Skinroom-ish Podcast.

Other employees and friends are a part of the podcast on occasion and every episode makes for entertaining girl talk that is relatable to any woman. The additional talk on their professional advice on skincare and entrepreneurial experience as a business in Maine adds depth to the podcast that would appeal to any working woman who just wants to keep it real, be part of the girl squad conversation, and be informed by someone they trust.

This sometimes Not-Safe-For-Work podcast keeps it all relatable in a world of impossible standards. Their humor, humility, and comfortable vibes in the podcast are exactly what you experience in-person at the business. Getting to know the ladies and crew at The Skin Room is like visiting with good friends in a place where you will always belong, be respected, and will instantly feel part of the squad.

The Skin Room
The Skin Room

The descriptions of what you read here about the podcast or about The Skin Room can be interchanged to each other, simply because what you experience at The Skin Room is exactly what you get in the podcast and vice versa. It is an authentic experience either way and in a world where we all just want to be comfortable in our skin, the brick-and-mortar business and the digital podcast are a breath of fresh air that we all could use.  Especially when it comes to beauty and vajay-jays.

Listen to Skinroom-ish wherever you listen to podcasts and listen in for new episodes with The Skin Room crew weekly. Here's a taste of your soon-to-be new favorite podcast:

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