Ho, ho, ho! Some Santa's had fun in the snow

Usually, when you think of Santa Claus, several things come to mind. Checking lists to see if kids are naughty or nice, sitting in his chair, putting children on his lap, letting Rudolph and the reindeer guide his sleigh on Christmas Eve, but skiing? That one doesn't really register.

The white stuff is on the way, and that means that the 2022-2023 ski season is in full effect here in the great state of Maine, and believe it or not, over the weekend, hundreds of Santa's took to the slopes for a great cause.

300 Kris Kringles were skiing and snowboarding at Sunday River Ski Resort, in Newry, the other day to raise money for local education and recreation programs in the area, for the Sunday River Community Fund.

A skiing Grinch, a Christmas Tree, and multiple Santa's each donated a minimum of 20 bucks, then hit the slopes with jolly red suits, hates, and of course long white beards.

Many of these skiing Santa's showed off some pretty sweet skills too. Just the sight of a bunch of people dressed up as Santa on the chair lifts was quite the sight to behold.

Santa Sunday has grown in popularity over the last two decades, and $7,500 was raised this year!

Sunday River and many other ski resorts are now open and ready for winter shenanigans, so take advantage of all the fun!

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